Google AdWords Discovery Moments

Get Found In Discovery Moments

In this article we’ll look at some new clickstream data from Luth Research's opt-in panel,1 this data shows the process in a consumer's purchase cycle. We’ll take a look at the purchase cycle a pregnant 32-year-old mother of two went through as she looked to find a new car suitable for her growing family.

Stacy used search to discover a car that would fit three car seats and plenty of family gear. She was aware of an existing model that may suit her requirements but she wasn’t ready to make a purchase. Stacy wanted more information to make sure she was going to make the right decision for her purchase and through a discovery micro moment found an alternative solution that better met her needs.

Takeaway actionables for your business: identify the discovery moments your consumers will go through in their purchase cycle. Provide relevant information in these moments that will give value to your consumers. Be there and present after the point of search to build top of mind brand awareness and close more sales.

Discovery Moments With Google AdWords

In discovery moments it's important that your brand is found at the top of search. We help our clients serve their customers in these moments with Google AdWords. With Google AdWords we can start serving your customers for any moment that you want to target, on any device and by location in an instant, we’ll also help with web recommendations to help improve their onpage experience. Get in touch with our team and start showing up when it matters most.

Sources1 Google/Luth Research, U.S., methodology: Google partnered with Luth to analyze the digital activity of its opt-in panel participants. The data was analyzed between April and August 2016. This article details the cross-device clickstream data of the following participant: Stacy image source

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