how to get more customers

How to get more customers for your lawn mowing business

The lawn mowing business is seasonal work and you need to have enough customers to get you through the winter as the season slows down. I’ve listed a few easy ways below that you can use to get more customers and a few tactics to turn more one offs into regular clients:

Gumtree Lawn Mowing Service ads

Gumtree isn't just a platform to sell your unwanted home items, Home Services including lawn mowing businesses are quite popular on this platform and believe it or not it can actually get you quite a few customers. Your ad copy needs to be descriptive to show up for more searches, the platform is quite competitive so posting ads regularly is advised or paying for boosted ads is also a great option. Its not just about getting customers to your ad though you want to convert customers into clients so use promotions to help get more customers

Local Google Search

A Google business listing is an absolute must have. It will place you in Google's business directory that is setup to provide exposure for local search below Google AdWords and above organic listings. Google listings use customer location to display local businesses through both geographic locations and relevant search terms.

Contact local real estates

Contacting local real estates with some customer references will help to build brand trust straight off the bat but is also a proactive approach to getting contacts in the industry. You don't want to be aggressive in approach but a soft introduction with an email of your contact details is all you need. If you can, pop into the real estates as you drive by to talk to the property managers and drop off your cards as talking to the receptionists alone typically won't get you far

Let your friends know you're running a business

Your friends can often be your best customers or brand advocates and will often get behind you and ask for your services themselves or refer you to their friends. Make sure that you don't start giving away mates rates though you still have to cover costs and after all you are running a business not a charity.

Get more customers with Google AdWords

If you want to be at the top of the pile when someone is searching for what you offer, Google AdWords is the way to go. 80% of consumers default to Google when looking for products and services and data shows that the majority of interactions happen on the top half of the first page. AdWords can be setup to target specific geographical zones your business may service as well as any search terms relevant to your offerings.

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