5 Easy ways to get customers online

We’re living in an exciting time for small business. Because of the internet, we now have more opportunities than ever to get in front of our customers when they’re looking for something we offer. Even better than that is how instant, affordable, scalable and flexible online options are. Online advertising is giving small businesses a chance to grab a piece of the pie on a small business budget alongside their bigger competitors in little to no time at all. But with so many options available online, which is the best option for your business? We’ve put together 5 of the most simple and cost effective ways that even the busiest business can turn their online presence into their sales machine.

1. Micro Moment targeting

Every day we’re having micro moments. There are “how to” moments, “I need it now” moments, “I want to know” moments and more. With the internet constantly at our fingertips, we can now meet our customers right in these moments. Getting in front of potential clients as early as possible in the buying cycle gives you first exposure, and brand trust and conversion rates will increase if you can provide valuable information at this point. Having the ability to get in front of customers when they start looking provides the opportunity to market and remarket to your clients during their buying cycle, keeping you top of mind for when they’re ready to purchase. We love to target micro moments for our clients as we find Cost Per Click rates on these terms are often lower than more direct targeting.

2. Gumtree

Gumtree pulls an audience for a range of different topics and believe it or not, it’s not just a platform to sell your old lawn mower. Businesses from brick and mortar shops to service industries use this platform to bring in work. Of course, if you want it to work effectively for a business, there's more to it than simply posting a service and a price. When setting Gumtree ads up you need to make ad copy enticing. We also ensure we cover the right search terms so our clients show up for as many relevant searches and opportunities as possible. The interest on this platform is growing daily and we’ve seen great results for our clients by equipping them with super cost effective, optimised Gumtree ads.

3. Google My Business listing

A Google business listing is an absolute must have. It will place you in Google's business directory that is setup to provide exposure for local search below Google AdWords and above organic listings. Google listings use customer location to display local businesses through both geographic locations and relevant search terms. Google business listings are a great platform to boost local search, but you’ll more than likely have multiple competitors in your surrounding area, so how do you get ahead? When we optimise our client’s Google listings we can also hit broader geographical zones for more search terms even in competitive fields so that you are showing up ahead of your competitors.

4. Google AdWords

If you want to be at the top of the pile when someone is searching for what you offer, Google AdWords is the way to go. 80% of consumers default to Google when looking for products and services and data shows that the majority of interactions happen on the top half of the first page. AdWords can be setup to target specific geographical zones your business may service as well as any search terms relevant to your offerings. With AdWords you also only pay when someone clicks on your ad which means your budget is spent only on people who are interested enough to interact. That's something you just can't achieve with traditional print media. AdWords is for every size business and any size budget. With a cost per click arrangement and daily budgets, the environment allows every business to have a go as the day cycles through. It's also highly flexible and can be constantly adjusted as your business requirements change. Of course it's not all smooth sailing for businesses trying to run it themselves. AdWords has a complex structure of features that can work incredibly to your advantage when professionally managed. Where businesses we’ve taken on had previously been running campaigns themselves, we’ve seen them begin turning work back with AdWords spends reduced by over 50%.

5. Facebook Adverts Account

Facebook is a great platform to reach out to consumers which have expressed interest in your field, have previously visited your site or could be targeted by occupations or lifestyles. The great thing about Facebook is that it’s a platform where consumers are more actively engaged and open to the content they’re consuming. Remarketing to customers that have been to your site without purchasing is a great way to keep your business top of mind in their buying cycle and boost those conversions. We get great results for our customers with Facebook campaigns and also find that AdWords and Facebook Remarketing as a combo can really get the most from marketing budgets while boosting brand awareness.

Once you go online you will never go back, so pick a couple of these options and go for it! They’re instant; if you grab an amazing online service provider, you’ll have it all up and running with no fuss and immediate results. If you want to get started now, we can do it all for you! We make online transparent and simple, and offer no contract services with super affordable pricing. You can even get the process going now by ordering online, or contact us in the form below if you have any questions. Whichever option you want to choose, choose something! Online is the way forward, where every customer is, and where any sized business can have a go.

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