7 tips to make your website your best sales rep

With so many people now spending more time online than in person, it’s obvious every business needs a website. But not all sites are made equal. We’ve put together 7 top tips to help you make your site your best sales rep.

1. Be device compatible

Offering a desktop-only site on mobile is enough to turn the most interested of buyers away without even considering what you have to offer. Mobiles are changing the way we do life and they are by our side 24/7, so the website you serve your customers must be an environment that can be used seamlessly on any device. If you have a site that is not mobile friendly, talk to your site provider about an update. If you’re using your site predominantly to drive sales, you could also opt for a more cost effective conversion site.

2. Know your audience

Every day we’re having micro moments. There are “how to” moments, “I need it now” moments, “I want to know” moments and more. With the internet constantly at our fingertips, we can now meet our customers right in these moments. Potential customers will be at different stages of the buying cycle, so providing the right information for each stage is a great way to build brand trust and convert a sale. An effective website has content that can serve multiple enquiries simultaneously. When writing content and targeting your audience, consider the moments in which customers will most likely be looking for your product or service.

3. Make it easy

Going to a “contact us” page just to find no phone number drives me (and many of your prospective customers) crazy, and no one wants to go through 5 upsells before they can purchase a product. Ensure the buying process on your site (ie. steps to enquire/purchase) is as easy as possible and that contact information is accessible and in plain site on all pages. If the process is too convoluted or viewers can’t find a form of contact that suits them, they are likely to look elsewhere. I'm sure the last place you want to lose a customer is at a point where they were ready to purchase!

4. Keep it short and sweet

Think of the time you went into a store to buy something, but the sales rep talked so much that you left tired, confused and without even purchasing what you came for. The information on your site can do the same thing. Be intentional with the info you provide. Be sure to share the most exciting features and benefits of your product or service near the top of the page. If you think some customers may want to know more, using in-text links through to internal pages is a great way to keep page text down. The ultimate goal is interaction with your business, so keep information vital and compelling.

5. Measure your success

One of the great benefits of marketing from your site is that your investment is now incredibly measurable. You can track :

  • where your customers came from
  • where they’re going
  • how long they’re there
  • where they’re losing interest
  • whether they bought or enquired, and if so,
  • how they did it.

Now you can’t do that with a flyer drop!
Access to this vital data means you can see what’s working for your marketing (and what’s not) and make informed decisions about where to spend your money. If you can’t see this information already, you’re needlessly flying blind. It's so simple and affordable to have this set up for your site that you’d be crazy not to have it.

6. Drive the sale

Your site is ultimately there to move people to purchase. Something you don’t want is site visits with zero return. You can guide your potential clients to the sale by linking to internal pages throughout your site text that move toward taking action. Adding call to action bars provides plenty of opportunities for your customers to act when they’re ready to move. A site that doesn't sell is just information on a page. Drive your prospective customers to interact with your business! Whether it’s through an enquiry form, call, email or purchase, make the option readily available.

7. Bring in the audience!

Once your site is optimised, all you need is an audience! … *crickets* … So how do you get them there? Look around in any waiting room, bus stop or shopping centre and you’ll find someone on a device. You’re probably even reading this article from a device right now. What an exciting opportunity we now have as business owners to be in front of our potential customers right when they’re thinking of our product/service. There are a multitude of online advertising options available but one of the best is undeniably Google Adwords.

Being on the front page of Google places you right in front of the people who are already looking for your service, and Google AdWords is the most fast and flexible way to shoot you straight to the top of the page. The simplest and most profitable way to run Google Ads is through an AdWords professional. We offer our services contract free, so flick us a message or sign up below and we can get you started right away.

Whether you're just starting a business or looking to ramp up, these 7 tips will have your site optimised and driving interactions and sales in no time.

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